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Built for Australia. The APEX XD MK2 is our premium extreme-duty electric water cannon featuring our "Intelligent Control System." This cannon is ideal for harsh environments where precision control is required.

From AUD$9,625.00 excl. GST

XHD Hydraulic Driven Water Pump.

MADE IN AUSTRALIA. The XHD pump is built for the harshest Australian conditions. Featuring flowrates of over 3000 litres per minute and high pressures this pump is an impressive unit!

From AUD$4,800.00 excl. GST

XHD Bare Shaft Water Pump

The Bare Shaft XHD is ideal for direct drive applications. The bare shaft XHD is perfectly suited as a B3 water pump replacment providing improved reliability and advanced sealing technology that makes the XHD a staple of the industry.

From AUD$2,800.00 excl. GST

Wireless Control System

Wireless control systems are ideal for semi tankers and slip in water carts. The controller is handheld so there is no installation required in the truck cab.

From AUD$2,420.00 excl. GST

2.5NH Stack Tip Nozzle

This nozzle allows you to vary the flow rate and distance your cannon will reach, The more segments removed the more water but less distance achieved.

AUD$655.00 excl. GST

AGM Spray Valve SV4105 (SV-175)

This is an AGM replacement Part. If you are building a new truck we recommend using the SV-205 or SV-125 Spray Valves.

AUD$568.50 excl. GST