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Water Pumps

Hydraulic, Bare Shaft and Engine-Driven Water Pumps.

Choosing the correct water pump for your application is an essential part of building an efficient water truck. Dust suppression, Landscaping and Water Delivery all have unique requirements. Have a chat with our friendly team so we can make sure you get the right pump for your unique application. Call us on 1300 558 111 or contact us online

XHD Hydraulic Driven Water Pump.

MADE IN AUSTRALIA. The XHD pump is built for the harshest Australian conditions. Featuring flowrates of over 3000 litres per minute and high pressures this pump is an impressive unit!

From $2,800.00 excl. GST

Pressure Relief Valve

Pressure Relief Valve, AKA an insurance policy. Relief valves should be fitted to all water pumps. If something goes wrong, this valve will stop your pump exploding.

From $131.00 excl. GST

Water and Air Pressure Gauge, 1/4" 0-140PSI

We use this valve to see what pressure pumps are generating. Knowing the pressure of your pump is a great way of keeping an eye on wear and tear.

$65.80 excl. GST