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Spray Valves, Spray Heads, Spray Nozzles - Pneumatic, Hydraulic, Electric...

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SV-205 Large Spray Valve

Large spray valves have flow rates up to 1500Liters per minute. These sprays are great as a centre spray, or as an all-round spray in applications where you need lots of water.

From $479.00 excl. GST

AGM Spray Valve SV4105 (SV-175)

This is an AGM replacement Part. If you are building a new truck we recommend using the SV-205 or SV-125 Spray Vales.

$345.00 excl. GST

SV-125 Small Spray Valve

Small spray valves have a flow rate of around 500liters per minute. These valves work well as rear and batter sprays. Available in a range of base options.

From $290.00 excl. GST

Road Washing Nozzle

These compact heads are great at ripping dirt of bitumen. Make your truck productive over winter cleaning roads. KEEP YOUR TRUCK WORKING THIS WINTER!

$119.00 excl. GST

Deflector Spray Head

Deflectors are a good option when you have bad water quality and large amounts of debris. Simply attach them to your pipework using a BSP Rollgrove adaptor, Flange or camlock. Ideal for gravity and pressure applications.

From $95.00 excl. GST

Flusher Nozzle with 80mm BSPT Inlet.

Flusher spray nozzles are a great simple option, They are robust and can deal with debris much better than spray valves.

$85.00 excl. GST

AGM Insert Kit

AGM Insert kits replace all consumable parts as one kit eliminating the need to rebuild individual components.

$79.00 excl. GST