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Tree Watering Boom.

The ULS Group, A leader in the landscaping industry, approached us with a unique problem. ULS develop streetscapes and parks for new development and are contracted to maintain the landscapes once completed. They needed a safer, more efficient way of water trees. Traditionally the task of watering trees would require two operators per truck — one driving and the other operating the hose reel to water trees. Having an operator working externally to the cab represented a risk, risk ULS were convinced was unnecessary.

We worked closely with Wayne Sloth and the water truck operators to Develop the tree watering boom. This device is mounting to the front bumper and is controlled by a joystick. The operator has control of up and down movements as well as left and right. Having 4-way movement allows for precise alignment and maximises delivery efficiency.

ULS has taken delivery of two tree booms that are installed to there new TTi Cascade landscape trucks.

The tree watering boom is made in Australia and uses high-end pneumatic components from Festo.

For more information on this product, please contact our sales team on 1300 558 111